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Putting the people back into people’s history 

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Caroline LeCount Fund Update

As many of you may know, we are fiscally sponsored by CultureWorks, which means we do non-profit activities like giving away tours at cost to low income Philadelphians.

We are committed to making our tours accessible and have a no-turn-away policy, which is made possible through the money raised through the Caroline LeCount Fund. The fund is made up by the funds donated from our Birthday Bash last year. This money has allowed us to run pay-what-you-wish tours including a Trans History Tour last summer during the Trans Wellness Conference, have local students and non profits come on tours and continue to be committed to Philadelphia and Philadelphians.

To date, the Caroline LeCount Fund has given 6 tours to 49 people who would have not otherwise been able to come on a Beyond the Bell Tour. In 2020, we will use the rest of the fund to run additional pay-what-you-wish Trans History Tours during Pride (stay posted!), continue with our "no turn away" policy for all tours, meet local non-profits and local stakeholders where there are and continue to be committed to the mission of Putting the People Back into People's History.