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A Day in a Life

by Obie Hazzard

If you missed it, check out my first post introducing myself as the Beyond the Bell Tours summer intern.

As I grew up I didn’t let my disease, an unknown disease in the Muscular dystrophy family, to slow me down. When I need to go out, I take a Septa bus or train to get from West Philly, where I am from, to my destination.

In the area where I live, there are lots of buses and trains to get where I need to go. I have a power chair which can get me anywhere that is accessible. My chair has two big front tires which are able to handle steep hills and sidewalks that are damaged.

I went to a high school called Science Leadership Academy which was a very nice school that made sure I was accommodated in a way that allowed me to access the building easily and that I had enough time to get to all my classes.

Science Leadership Academy at the Franklin Institute

Every Wednesday, my Freshmen class would go to the Franklin Institute to learn about the different types of sciences and to get internships if we needed them. The Franklin Institute was accessible so I could easily get there without an issue. I used to have a manual chair which meant that someone had to push me, but when I got my power chair I became more independent.

Sometimes after school, my friends and I would go and get something to eat at a food truck and relax at 30th street station. Sometimes we would go and see a movie at 40th street movie theater which is not that far away from my school. After the movie I would take the bus home and that would be the end of my day.